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Team of experienced Django devs looking for remote contract work

Three month ago I decided to become a freelancer. As of 31 January 2011 I stopped working for Open-E company where I spent last 3 years as Python/Django developer.

Now I join forces together with my friend Bartosz Burclaf under name of We are a small, agile and goal oriented, distributed developers team operating out of Poland.

In our daily work we strongly believe in KISS and DRY principles. While designing and writing our code we follow ...

django-moderation new release 0.2 - status update

Today i have released new version of django-moderation - 0.2. It has been uploaded in to pypi, so now it can be installed with easy_install.

Many bugs were fixed and many new features were added since initial release.

List of changes

  • Added GenericModerator class that encapsulates moderation options for a given model.Changed register method, it will get only two parameters: model class and settings class.
  • Added option to register models with multiple managers.
  • Added options to GenericModerator class: auto_approve_for_superusers ...

Announcing django-moderation

django-moderation is reusable application for Django framework, that allows to moderate any model objects.

Code can be found at

Possible use cases:

  • User creates his profile, profile is not visible on site. It will be visible on site when moderator approves it.
  • User changes his profile, old profile data is visible on site. New data will be visible on site when moderator approves it.


  • configurable admin integration(data changed in admin can be visible ...