django-moderation new release 0.2 - status update

Today i have released new version of django-moderation - 0.2. It has been uploaded in to pypi, so now it can be installed with easy_install.

Many bugs were fixed and many new features were added since initial release.

List of changes

  • Added GenericModerator class that encapsulates moderation options for a given model.Changed register method, it will get only two parameters: model class and settings class.
  • Added option to register models with multiple managers.
  • Added options to GenericModerator class: auto_approve_for_superusers, auto_approve_for_staff, auto_approve_for_groups, auto_reject_for_anonymous, auto_reject_for_groups. Added methods for checking auto moderation.
  • Added automoderate helper function.
  • Changed moderated_object property in ModerationManager class, moderated object is get only once from database, next is cached in moderatedobject, fixed issue with not setting user object on changed_by attribute of ModeratedObject model.
  • Fixed issue when loading object from fixture for model class that is registered with moderation. Now moderated objects will not be created when objects are loaded from fixture.
  • Fixed issue with TypeError when generating differences of changes between model instances that have field with non unicode value ex. DateField.
  • Fixed issue with accessing objects that existed before installation of django-moderation on model class.
  • Fixed issue when more then one model is registered with moderation and multiple model instances have the same pk.
  • Fixed issue with multiple model save when automoderate was used. Auto moderation in save method of ModeratedObject has been moved to separate method.
  • Added admin filter that will show only content types registered with moderation in admin queue.
  • Fixed issue when creating model forms for objects that doesn't have moderated object created.
  • Added possibility of passing changed object in to is_auto* methods of GenericModerator class. This will allow more useful custom auto-moderation. Ex. auto reject if akismet spam check returns True.
  • Added ability to provide custom auto reject/approve reason.
  • Added option bypass_moderation_after_approval in to GenericModerator class that will release object from moderation system after initial approval of object.
  • Other bug fixes and code refactoring.

I would like to thank all persons that had contributed to this project, found bugs, submitted ideas, send patches.

Special thanks to jonwd7 - Thank you for all ideas, bug fixes, patches.

Thank you all very much.

If any body will find any new bugs, please create an issue at github

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